Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Our Vision:

icon visionTo promote socio- Economic wellbeing of the members through collective effort for sustainable livelihood and development.

 Our Mission Statement:

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To provide education, health care, conservation and business empowerment in community to increase the standard of living of women, children, youth, elderly people and pygmy-the forest dwellers (Batwa) for nation building holistically.


 Core Values:

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• Dignity
• Honesty
• Equality
• Self-belief

Welcome to Community Aid International (CAI)-Uganda

Community Aid International is based in Rubanda Town Council - Rubanda district, south - western Uganda. The area is remote characterized by hills with poor road network most of which are Murram and feeder roads in nature. These roads connect small trading centers within the area. Rubanda has been greatly affected by HIV/AIDS which explain the swelling number of orphans day by day.

Poverty in the area has made women and young girls resort to prostitution in order to earn a living. Due to vulnerable nature of most people in this area, a few people are available to engage in productive ventures, no wonder the area is in a sorry state.

Statics have it on record that Kigezi region comprises of a population of over 1.2 million people, 40 percent of which are children and women. There is an urgent need for dealing with socio-economic problems of Rubanda and other neighboring areas through application of both direct and indirect approaches. Poverty in the area requires fundamental solutions that range from capital sustainability to resource utilization and resilience among the local members of the community.  

Poverty can also be dealt with by enhancing farmers to invest in short-term income generating activities and supporting the zeal of locals by maximizing resource utilization which calls for external support in one way or another. Locals need to be engaged in as many projects as possible in order to raise their personal household incomes with in the area.

What is our goal?

The major goal of Community Aid International is to support, help and protect the needy and see them achieve a better and improved standards of living. We are an organization that believes in equal opportunities, equal rights and freedom. This means we give in our best to fight anything against our goal a case in point is HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, forced and early marriages, to mention but a few which are evident in our areas of operation, Rubanda in particular.

In pursuit of our goal, we partner with local communities, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, well-wishers at both national, regional and international levels with whom we share interests of community transformation. We are an organization of people with big hearts!

We are committed to;

Building capacities of the majority members of the society who are vulnerable, for example HIV/AIDS patients, through technical training and skilling with our major target group being the Batwa pygmies.

Strengthening the socio-economic status of natives in our areas of operation who are battling with problems related to poverty. This can be made possible for example by providing them with training on improved sanitation, food production and saving for the future hence supporting sustainable income among households. Food production can also be improved through employment of better methods of farming and opting for commercial farming instead of producing food for only consumption.

Supporting the processes of building capacities of communities in pursuit of poverty eradication, fighting other pandemics and containing other health related problems like reproductive, sexual and childhood health.

Facilitating projects that make basic healthcare, improved personal hygiene and sanitation access easy.

Enhancing rural farmers’ efforts to increase food production and income within households amongst vulnerable members of the community.

Increasing capacities of vulnerable members of the community to enable them effectively engage and gain from socio-economic ventures targeting improved standards of living.

Our areas of operation?

This project operates from Mushanje Parish, Ikumba Sub-County and Ikamiro Parish in Muko Sub-County, Rubanda district of South-western Uganda located a few kilometers away from Kabale municipality. The project area is near L. Bunyonyi (East Africa’s deepest Lake) and the famous home of endangered mountain gorillas - Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Our staffing method.

CAI is gifted with talented, dedicated and passionate team of workers who have always done their best to deliver. We are always open to new members who are willing and interested in joining our team. We train volunteers before employing them in different fields so they can give their best to communities.


Here is an opportunity for those who have always been passionate about donating and extending a hand of help to the needy. Your donation will help us restore hope to the hopeless and hence make a positive impact on our society.

You have a chance of making a follow-up on your donation and see what it is doing so as to hold us accountable. All you have to do in case you want to donate is contact us for detailed information.

  1. Family adoption.

We have a number of families led by an elderly or an orphan; here is an opportunity for you to whisper a message of hope to any of these families. Choice of the family to adopt entirely lies in your hands.

  1. Sponsoring a child.

Here, you can sponsor a child or more by offering either monthly, quarterly, annual or one time donations. You can follow up on your child and be friends with them and make their life worth living.


The main goal of CAI is to support, help and protect those who are needy and to solve their specific problems. The Organization stands for tolerance, equal opportunity and good life conditions for everyone. Its works include every community like women, youth, disabled, physical impairment persons, the forest dwellers known as the pygmy among others in Uganda and our activities attract different expertise world over thus the word “International”.

For the achievement of its goals, CAI organizes and participates in forums, seminars, conferences and other meetings on national and international levels and it cooperates and exchanges information with organizations, institutions and individuals in Uganda, East Africa Community (EAC) and abroad. It is an organization of people with good hearts. We appreciate all support and team work. Kindly become a volunteer today by clicking the volunteer button below, you have taken a good start. Thank you very much.  

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Mulore A, Nyakabungo Ward, Rubanda Town Council.

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