Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Article 2 Skills development, Tailoring project

skills2Inadequate skill is one of the major causes of poverty in any society, however, once skills are developed, individuals can deal with issues related to development and unemployment. Skills facilitate production on a large scale and thus improve on standards of living.

Skills nature and demand is changing fundamentally globally due to changes in technology, climate, demography, urbanization, and globalization of value chains.

The fact that skills development enhances employability and labor productivity which helps members of the community become more competitive, it can contribute to structural and economic transformation. A virtuous cycle can be created through investment in high quality workforce. In other words, relevant and quality skills can result into high productivity hence facilitating community development.

Mulore A, Nyakabungo Ward, Rubanda Town Council.

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