Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Community Aid International offers an opportunity for participating in rescue and restoration of hope to vulnerable community members as well as children. The program presents a lot on one’s table among which include; interacting, educating, playing, caring for others, counseling those in need and following up on others people’s growth.


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Our Co-Directors supporting families with chicken to start up a poultry project so that in the near future theys can get eggs for sales and consumption.

Volunteering at CAI intends to be as practical as possible depending on the background and past experiences of the one volunteering in line with the needs and purpose of the placements and programs we partner with. Community Aid International has a one-year experience in hosting volunteers from different corners of the world.

Ikamiro is where our volunteer house is located. It is at this house that all our projects begin from. It takes one hour for one to drive from the house to communities where some of our projects are located. Our host mama is responsible for taking care of the house as well as cooking for volunteers.

She is a socialite as evidenced by the number of times she has been found with volunteers in her kitchen teaching them how to make chapattis and other local delicacies. Other residents of the house are CAI Uganda team members who make the house a safer place to be. Dinner and breakfast from Monday to Saturday are prepared by the host mama, all inclusive of the volunteer fee.

One should be informed that volunteers from different parts of the world are hosted at the house. It is always filled with different cultures and languages.

Community Aid International - Uganda offers the following volunteer programs in our various projects;

1. Partnering with children.

Has working with children been your passion? Here is an opportunity for you. The program offers you a chance to play with these angels since they like coloring and desire to feel loved. Volunteers in this program work with these little ones in children homes and schools where they extend career support and creating fun in the learning environment.

2. The medical program.

The program is restricted to only qualified medical professionals since its aim is extending medical support and healthcare services and making effort to extend such services to areas of lack as far as possible. Volunteer areas of placement primarily depend on the level of experience and availability.

3. Teaching program.

Here is an opportunity for you if you have are passionate about teaching. If you have ever been a teacher or a private tutor, you can help our teachers in class or even engage in helping children aged eleven and above who might be struggling with academic performance. Qualified teachers are also welcome with open arms. All we need is you to contact us and we will give you options.

4. Girl’s empowerment program.

Women and girls across the globe have suffered a number of life challenges that originate from early marriages, early pregnancies and gender-based violence; we are working around the clock to see that the numbers reduce to zero.

Those interested in offering volunteer services in this program support day-to-day school activities in addition to storytelling and mentorship.

5. Exploration program.

Here is an opportunity for lovers of traveling. It is a four week tour of the most beautiful parts of Uganda. The exploration program is made available for people interested in spending a week in Rubanda community, another week in local clinics and the third week of visiting communities and exchanging conversations with residents plus an additional week that involves visiting magnificent national parks all over the country.

Much of the volunteer work is practical in nature in that even if you are many in number such as university students, church, or a group of friends, here is an opportunity for you.


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