Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Children in our area of operation have always been yawning access education services but all in vain due to factors like hunger, lower social status, early marriages, school insecurity and poor sanitation. Community Aid International focuses on addressing the roots of such impediments so as to maximize opportunities of learning.


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Provision of scholastic materials to pupils of Rubanda Primary school.

The organization utilizes gender-synchronized approaches in dealing with learning problems whereby projects start with identifying different barriers and addressing them. They may also engage both boys and girls from inception in order to build equal environments via which learning is made available to all.

The main objective of the program is providing education sponsorship to the needy children and ease facilitation of training groups in line with community empowerment, vocational skilling, technology and agribusiness targeting increase in production levels and incomes per household.


  • Safety of schools.

It is crystal clear that safety of schools is one of the big barriers that stop girls from accessing education. Parents do not find ease in enrolling their daughters to schools unless they are assured of their safety both on the way to schools and within schools.

Children who are born of humble parents face a number of difficulties in their academic journey. These problems are both mental and physical. One needs to have had enough food and balanced diet for them to learn what is being taught at school.

Victims of hunger suffer reduced mental capabilities, lower retention and reduced lifetime earnings.

Access to clean and safe water guarantees good health to children at home and school. Decent toilets reduce most of health related diseases like cholera. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Good sanitation therefore makes learning a better activity to do in life of children. Girls need assurance of sanitation at schools most especially during their menstrual periods.

  • Early Marriages.

Marrying off girls while they are still below the right age increases at high rates. Parents do this with an aim of reducing family burdens. This is one of the barriers of learning in such communities.


1. We make a contribution to addressing gender issues, advocating for rights to education and sensitization of masses on HIV/AIDS prevention especially among children, women and youths.

2. Widening the scope of education opportunities to orphans, youth, and teenage mothers through skilling and vocational training.

3. Providing psycho-social and healthcare support to teenage mothers, vulnerable children and orphans.

4. Increasing access to vocational and entrepreneurial training targeting improving lives of youths and vulnerable children.


Opportunities in the education program.

Community Aid International –Uganda encourages and supports young people’s innovations and focus on providing provide them with opportunities in skills development, ICT literacy, vocational education, Income Generation and micro-credit funds, local and international Volunteer placements, employment and leadership development opportunities. We are an organization that believes in equal opportunities and rights.

Facts about education.

1. Education program plays a great role in as far as women empowerment. It is true that once a woman’s education increases but one year, her earnings increase by 10 percent.

2. Education is also a key player in creating awareness of women’s rights. This is because educated women fight for better working environment, delay in child bearing, fight injustice and engage in politics, to mention but a few.

3. Failure to educate girl-children is failure to economically develop. This is backed by the fact that some countries make over 1 billion dollar loss yearly simply due to failure to educate girls.

4. Over 171 million people have a chance of getting out of the hot saucepan of poverty if all students in developing countries attained education. This would bring about a global reduction on poverty by 12%.

Education reduces the rate at which environment is being destroyed.

5. Over four million child deaths across the globe have been prevented due to increase in women’s education over the past twenty years.

6. Educating children can boost growth by two percent in developing countries.


CAI - Uganda prioritizes the following;

1 Influencing governmental and nongovernmental organizations and others donors to take action in addressing issues to do with education quality and access.

2. Promoting as well as strengthening innovative and practically feasible approaches of attaining gender equality in the field of education at all levels.

3. Promoting relevant and competence based type of education and making education accessible to all groups of people.

4. Mobilizing government authorities and community stakeholders to make education a priority hence influencing economic growth and development.

5. Strengthening multi-sectorial response to address problems faced by vulnerable children in order to enable them access good quality education.

Be part of the program through volunteering.

Have you been part of teaching before, here is a chance for you to volunteer in our education program. This can be done by assisting teachers in class or engaging in tutoring and mentoring children. All you need is getting in touch with us, we welcome you with open arms.

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