Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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The OVC program was set up to offer support to orphans, marginalized children and poor who missed parental love and support and have faced a multitude of problems as a result.

We insert our best to offer these orphans and vulnerable children with basic needs of life in addition to teaching and training them life skills and valuable societal traits that can help them thrive through life as any other responsible citizens. We also offer them a conducive environment within which they have fun, learn and skills development. We take time to discover and aid them in raising their talents.

Combating the problem of HIV/AIDS among orphans and vulnerable children.

Community Aid International-Uganda OVC program helps to serve children battling with a number of life problems among which include those living with HIV/AIDS, those who live with guardians or parents who are HIV/AIDS positive, those who lost their parents, to mention but a few.

There are even those who live in risky areas that expose them to high chances of acquiring the disease. Critical remaining risks pertinent to OVC programs include loss to follow-up of HIV-exposed infants and suboptimal viral load suppression among children and adolescents living with HIV.

Community Aid International-Uganda is working hard to refine service delivery to communities so as to improve health of orphans and vulnerable children and strengthen resilience among children and families.

What is our impact?

The primary aim of Community Aid International OVC program is improving health, educating and protecting children living with HIV/AIDS, their guardians and families targeting socio-economic improvements.

  • Providing education services at a subsidized price and support focusing on girl-child education so as to make education access, progression and completion easier.
  • Making access to HIV testing, treatment and care accessible and focusing on viral suppression among children in addition to employing child-centered, family-based case management approaches to fight the disease and its effects on life.
  • In response to sexual and gender-based violence, we provide services to prevent and detect potential treats. Delivering evidence-based interventions aiming at prevention of HIV/AIDS most especially among young boys and girls.
  • We provide relevant social support and put targeted economic interventions into practice. These aim at improving social-economic capabilities and assets among orphans and vulnerable children. Some of these measures include strengthening their financial skills and improving on their saving capabilities and facilitating linkages between adolescents and employment opportunities.

We partner with local authorities to strategically strengthen the capacity of families, communities and social welfare systems to see that these vulnerable children get social equity and the services they deserve. By doing this, we end up lessening the impact of HIV/AIDS, and therefore look forward to having an AIDS –free generation.

Dealing with orphans.

It is true that most orphans are faced with problems related with post traumatic disorders (PTDs) since most of them experienced a number of life challenges at a tender age some of which include attempted rape and defilement, or any other form of abuse in one way or the other. However, good news is that our specialized teams in children trauma healing education have walked a milestone in dealing with the problem.

Some cases indicate that these children were sometimes raped by their step-fathers, cousins and other relatives. Such experiences result in development of trust issues in that these children develop a negative attitude towards everyone they meet in life. It is on such grounds that Community Aid International- Uganda has made effort to work in conjunction with Uganda police to relocate such children and helped them have a happy, productive life.

By doing this, we are likely to see numbers of prostitutes, thieves, street children, and many related criminals reduce in numbers or even eliminated completely

Objectives of CAI in Orphans and Vulnerable children program:

1. To provide basic health care services, good hygiene advice and necessities for good health. Our organized dedicated teams of health workers help us see this job complete.

2. To teach and train moral ethics to children and instilling a sense of community development and respect of one other in order to make them useful citizens.

3. To provide children with quality education alongside providing them necessities such as uniforms in order to make education the best venture for them and widen the scope of hope of their future.

4. To partner with the public and regularly bring them on board to make our vision and mission well known to them in order to make them transparent in the community transformation process.

5. To solicit aid and sponsorship and raise funds to support our projects and enable us realize our vision and mission in the shortest time possible.

6. To partner with other governmental, non-governmental bodies and well-wishers with whom we share interests to create awareness in as far as children rights are concerned and expose the dangers of child abuse and neglect to the best of our knowledge so we can achieve a morally upright society.

Mulore A, Nyakabungo Ward, Rubanda Town Council.

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