Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Inadequate skill is one of the major causes of poverty in any society, however, once skills are developed, individuals can deal with issues related to development and unemployment. Skills facilitate production on a large scale and thus improve on standards of living.

Skills nature and demand is changing fundamentally globally due to changes in technology, climate, demography, urbanization, and globalization of value chains.

The fact that skills development enhances employability and labor productivity which helps members of the community become more competitive, it can contribute to structural and economic transformation. A virtuous cycle can be created through investment in high quality workforce. In other words, relevant and quality skills can result into high productivity hence facilitating community development.

Most companies these days have redirected their effort in filling the skills gap and addressing the bottom line that comprises of economic, environmental and social factors (triple bottom line) as a primary core of their organizational strategies. A company that does not indulge in community skills development these days faces difficulties in breaking even. Companies invest in skills development for local communities most in need, either through improving people‚Äôs hard and soft skills and aiding their access to labor markets or fighting cultural and gender schemes. They go as far as training members of the community and equipping them with entrepreneurial skills as one of ways of survival in terms of business something that has been of great visible impact to the economy.    

Skills development empowers individuals facing disadvantages through opening up a number of diverse employment opportunities. The more diverse jobs become, the more incomes sources stabilize thus facilitating standards of living. This happens at the individual level, whereas at a collective level, skills development in upcoming markets supports local communities in terms prosperity by reducing inequalities.


Learning through actions

It is true that learning by actions is the easiest way of learning. It here that children learn how share and play in harmony with. They get time to engage in reading and actively listen. They start to read by themselves progressively with age through books and stories.


Discovering talents and developing them

This program helps in identifying and discovering talents, strengths, and competencies of children who are under our care. This is best done via co-curricular activities like football and athletics.

Our passion is to equip the people of Kabale and Rubanda with relevant skills to the best of our knowledge. We are believers in talent discovery and personal skills development in that we do whatever it takes to facilitate talented members of the community including children we take care of to encourage them both financially and emotionally to do their best in as far as utilizing their talents is concerned. We are pretty sure that talents are key players in eradicating poverty as well as a way of building discipline in the community most especially among the youths.

We do all these in accordance with the national need for hands-on training and skills development for economic development. This has given birth to a number of fruits which include, a competitive community, healthy individuals, a sense of resilience among the people of Rubanda, to mention but a few. Thank God our labor has not been in vain!

Skills development has resulted into tangible fruits among which include the following;

1. Extreme poverty eradication

2. Promoting women empowerment as well as gender equality

3.Combating a number of diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, to mention but a few

4. Ensuring environmental sustainability

5. The following are the objectives through which we have intervened;

6. To equip the youth with both life and technical skills

7. To contribute towards environmental protection and dealing with climate changes.

8. To provide financial, material and moral support to vulnerable groups of the community.



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