Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Global statistics have it on record that three out of 10 people have no access to safe water for drinking with in their places of residence; 3 billion have no access to hand washing material, whereas over 6 out of 10 people have no access to proper sanitation. Such situations are responsible for endless diseases that distort growth of the economy. Lack of resilience, conflicts and increased fragility among communities and nations can be caused by lack of access to water services and competition for the few available water sources.

program 6 toilet stances

Construction of a toilet tances in Rubanda zone to keep environment free of human waste.

One of the surest ways of shaping a nation’s path to stability in a profound manner is by creating access to safe drinking water and improving sanitation alongside enough hygienic practices and stabilizing the ability to effectively manage water sources. This can also aid in fostering community resilience and enhancing economic growth.

Community Aid International sustainably manages the available water sources with communities in addition to helping homes, financing and delivering safe water and sanitation services to the needy. Community Aid International has a vision of providing more than 500,000 people with reliable access to safe drinking water and one million people with proper access to sanitation services by the year 2024.

It is crystal clear and evident in the rural areas of Kabale and Rubanda districts that diarrhea amongst children has seen its reduction primarily due to clean water and sanitation.

Safe water and sanitation program is not only relevant at local levels but also at regional levels, this is simply because problems related to poor sanitation and lack of clean water have been evident in most cities of Africa most especially in areas with informal settlements which grow at rapid rate. We therefore cannot fail to admit that Rubanda and Kabale districts are some of these rapid growing areas. These two urban areas have suffered from a problem of inadequate clean water supply and sanitation related problems.

One way to ensure a healthy generation is making effort to provide safe water in Uganda especially beginning with Rubanda community since the area faces a problem of scarcity until now. We are therefore strongly in need of your help in terms of contributing to the cause of supplying safe water for drinking within the area.

Community Aid International monitors and programs three activities in effort to realize this goal that is;

1.Increasing Sustainable Access and use of sanitation and practice of key hygiene behaviors

2. Increasing sustainable access to safe drinking water

3. Improve management of water resources


Who are the expected beneficiaries and impacts of the program?

Here are some of the direct impacts of the program;

1.Reducing on the average walked distances to the nearest water sources and reducing in time taken while fetching water at congested water sources.

2.Sanitation interventions in schools, institutions and urban setting and the accompanying fiecal sludge plants with dislodging units will have tremendous impacts on the existing challenge of emptying toilets and septic tanks in schools and informal settlements.

3. Improving on water access and sanitation services is a sure deal of bearing gender pay-offs that will offer businesses a right environment in both rural and urban areas hence a positive social impact.

4. Some of the expected fruits of the program are diverse employment opportunities during the course of construction and establishment of the project. This will empower women and the youths by supporting their groups and developing their skills. Tree planting aiming at restoration of river embankment and catchment is a sure deal of positive impacts to the community.



Program Safe water 2

Structural  elivation of the safe water tank to accomodate about 15,000 litres


Program Safe water 1

Community contribution of 18 pvc pipes and digging of the pipe line

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