Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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The problem of environmental degradation has presented a lot of questions on the table of poor families. They face a problem of water shortages, reduced harvest and extreme famine brought about by severe drought. These families are also facing challenges with more extreme weather like cyclones and hurricanes which bring their homes to total destruction and lowers their daily incomes.


Conservation program tour Conservation program tree planting

CEO guiding tourist during nature walk                                 CAI improving  the environment by plating trees

It has been proved beyond doubt that women and children stand higher risks of suffering the consequences of natural disasters in comparison to men. It is women and girls who carry the responsibility of farming fields that have been destroyed by floods and collecting water something that explains the great impact of environmental degradation on the welfare of women and other vulnerable groups.

The rate at which environment is facing destruction requires an immediate response because it has had and continuously having a negative impact on climate.

It is quite absurd that environmental degradation is responsible for current gender inequalities and has proportionate negative effects on vulnerable groups, especially girls and women due to the responsibilities assigned to them as a result of environmental and resource destruction.

CAI’s effort has been directed towards strengthening the resilience and adaptive capacities of vulnerable communities with a primary focus on girls and women in line with effects of climate changes and promotes their participation in as far as environmental conservation is concerned.  

CAI also confronts community challenges brought about climate changes and natural resource degradation. It also creates conducive environment for vulnerable people to participate in environmental conservation and protection of natural resources as a way of mitigating climate changes.

Conserve wildlife.

Promoting biodiversity is the primary reason for wildlife conservation. It is important that we preserve those animals for future generations. These animals can never be separated from our memories. Preserving these animals means maintaining a healthy and functional ecosystem.

It is important to know that some animal species cannot survive without human effort for example zoos and aquariums. Destruction of their homes exposes them to risks.  More so, those that migrate and inhabit more than one area are usually vulnerable. Therefore preservation of such habitats helps in protecting the entire ecosystem that is being harmed.

Importance of wildlife conservation.

Wildlife protection’s aim is to preserve plants and animals much as they are being encroached by human beings. It is an effort directed towards creating a harmonious relationship between human being and wildlife. As part of world’s ecosystems, wildlife is responsible for nature processes’ balance. We therefore have to make effort in supporting the goals of wildlife conservation i.e. ensuring survival of animal and plant species and sensitization of the masses about the need to live in harmony with these species.

The rapid growth of human population over the past two years (over seven billion) means a lot to wildlife destruction. Increase in human population results into a need for more land for settlement and agriculture, which provoke wildlife destruction. Some animals that cannot afford staying close to human beings end up being displaced. Other animal species may be used for food by humans. Other factors that may bring about wildlife destruction include among others; fishing, hunting, fishing, poaching, climate changes and introduction of invasive species from other parts of the world.

Our intervention.

Whereas, Community Aid International - Uganda is working around the clock to see the demise of extinction of endangered wildlife species across the globe and conserve biodiversity and their habitats from being exposed to risks, here are some of the ways in which you can be part of the team;

There is need for you to accept that animals are part of us human beings. You can therefore get into contact with Uganda Wildlife Authority or any other body responsible for animal conservation and adopt an animal and you start taking care of it. This can be done in teams of more than one individual per animal.

There is an option of offering your services in case you are not in position of raising money, you can join any volunteering programs that can offer you a chance of engaging in cleaning beaches, rescue wild animals and teaching visitors.

Here, you have an opportunity to explore animals of the world by paying them a visit in zoos, aquariums, national parks and wildlife refuges.

If you happen to visit any zoos and any other natural reserves meet the recommended entry fee. Your donation helps in maintenance of these conservation areas.

  1. Speaking up.

This is where you tell stories about wildlife to your family and loved ones. Offer them help in case of any questions about wildlife. This will in turn help them develop a positive attitude towards wildlife conservation.

Here, create awareness to the public about the beauty of wildlife conservation.

Buying Responsibly

Say NO to products made out of endangered animal products such as hides and skins. You will be discouraging them continuing the vice.


Make effort to reuse and recycle things that you own. This is in line with Minnesota Zoo which encourages patrons to recycle mobile phones in order to reduce on demand for mineral Calton. Calton is mined from lowland gorilla habitats in eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, habitat destruction has been the major threat to eighty five percent of all threatened and endangered species.

You can aid in putting an end to this threat by for example planting trees, restoring wetlands or engage in beach cleaning.

It is important to find any organization that fits into your passion of preserving nature and wildlife in particular. Engage, become a member and participate whole-heartedly.


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