Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Girl-child and women empowerment program is a program directed towards empowering women and girls in as far as social development is concerned most especially those in rural areas of Uganda. It is crystal clear that most of these women and girls trace their origin from humble backgrounds hence deserve a shoulder to lean against.

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It is more than a statement when one says that “an educated girl-child means a changed nation” which is why CAI has devoted all its effort in understanding that if culture is to be changed, women are to be empowered and hygiene and healthcare must as well be improved, it has to be through educating girls and turn them into leaders.

The major reason as to why we have created a number of projects that assist women not only to overcome the current wave but also thrive through them is our belief in equal opportunities in the country.

CAI directs its effort towards addressing the norms of the society and inequalities within the economic structure by supporting girls and women. This enables them to enjoy an equal share and gain access and control over available resources and exploit opportunities to the best of their knowledge. This as well involves accessing both digital and financial services.

CAI has also helped women and girls develop resilience to economic uncertainties hence offering them full participation in decision making at all levels - household level, community – social level and market level.

The need for supporting women and girl-children.

There is an urgent need for supporting women and girls in crises among which include; early marriages, human trafficking, child labor, abuse, to mention but a few. We promise to place your gift in the right place - by protecting and equipping girls and women with necessary skills, relevant training, medical care, education, counseling and offering them business loans, but not forgetting a multitude of programs that enable girls work in harmony with the opposite sex geared towards putting an end to gender-based violence.

Provide clean water to provide a better life to girls and women.

Research has it on record that girls and women across the globe spend two million hours on a daily basis fetching water which is usually unclean and may cause harm to their health.

This means that if it is possible for them to access clean water easily, they would be able to direct their effort in some other developmental direction such as education, playing with peers, spending time with families and other ventures responsible for personal growth. Your provision of clean water means opening a door for girls and women in society.

Changing lives of girls through mentorship.

It has been proved beyond doubt that most Ugandan girls are prisoners of poverty, teen violence and poor schools, something that limits their capabilities and potential. You can be part of this mentorship program by reaching out and influencing a life of any girl from Rubanda community through volunteering as a tutor or mentor.

This can be made possible through our dedicated volunteer program. By doing this you are making girls and women acquire a feeling of value not only at the village level but also at the national level.

Support small business owners through investment.

Your hand of help can be extended to a multitude of hardworking women across the region through CAI-Uganda microloans. There are hundreds of entrepreneurial women waiting to realize their potential business-wise; all they desire is that small loan to begin their business journey.

This loan will enable them break-even and multiply the donated funds to make it more profitable and improve their lives in the long run.

Keep a girl in school.

The beauty about a girl child who completes school is something one can wish for their daughters. This is because they are able to take care of themselves and their families and realize good healthcare, in addition to participation in community building projects.

Your support in keeping these girls in school is an action worth heavenly rewards.

Support to new mothers.

Here is an opportunity for you to extend your hand to that unborn child through supporting her mom with essentials like clothes, diapers, clean water, food, soap, meeting her antenatal bills. Your gift can also enable the mother with life-saving infant care training.

Another way of extending this type of help is by identifying any mother(s) in your neighborhood who might be overwhelmed and give us a chance of connecting them with other mothers in the same situation or those who have been through similar or related challenges in the neighborhood and across the globe. These enables such mothers share stories and embrace the gift of motherhood.

Appreciate women in your life.

As a saying goes, that; if you are to count sand, start with the one beneath your feet! The journey of women empowerment starts by you appreciating the women you know in your life. Write a note of thanks to that woman who encouraged you some years ago, help that woman with whom you share an office, help them go through their life challenges, de-campaign any form of gender - based abuse in one way or the other.

We have not only created economic empowerment programs but also put in place women groups that provide women in the same locality with conducive environments for sharing stories and encouraging one another. This has given birth to rising of women’s voice at all levels hence changing cultural norms and reduced gender-based violence.



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