Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Community Aid International is a charitable organization founded in Uganda with the aim of linking women and youths to resources that they need to meet their daily/basic needs, in addition to enhancing their standard of living. We are currently the largest provider of social services in south-western region.

We have a team of social workers and volunteers of admirable skills, excellent cultural background, relationship building, creativity and strength to enable effective working environment. The energy, skills, enthusiasm and time of team leaders have immensely contributed to success of other community projects and will also lead to the success of this project.

Community Aid International (CAI) is a registered Organization which started in 2017 and is based within the south-western district of Rubanda. The area where the project is based is occupied by the Batwa pygmies and characterized by poor road network with most places linked to Towns by typical murram roads. Additionally, there are high numbers of orphans in the area, resulting from the rise of HIV/AIDS in the district. Households with breadwinners infected with HIV/AIDS become less productive in agricultural and other income generating activities hence increasing poverty levels in the district.

Therefore there is a critical need to address the issue of HIV/AIDS infection and resulting challenges such as poverty and this goes as far as improving the people’s capital sustainability to put the available resources to good use and this makes them to be self-reliant. Improving farmers’ short term investment in income generating activities is one of the many strategies for enhancing their human capital.


  • Education and Training Program

One of the objectives of Community Aid International is to make education accessible to the vulnerable Batwa pygmies in addition to providing training programs to established groups. This is done through agronomy, community empowerment, technology and agribusiness development, vocational skills and many others directed towards improving the people’s production levels, in the long run increasing their household income.

  • Health Care

We also work to save lives of the elderly, women (especially expectant mothers), and children in addition to handling other community health emergencies. Depending on patient’s medical records, we offer nursing care, specialized medical services like Laboratory and many others.

We also offer health care support (such as HIV/AIDS testing and counseling) to the Batwa pygmies in partnership with nearby Health Centers. Relief aid is sometimes offered to residents found living with HIV.

  • Women and Girl Empowerment Program

In typical Ugandan rural setting, women are in-charge of supporting the families through farming to provide food, medical care to their children and sometimes paying school fees and as Community Aid International, our goal is to empower women and girls to take care of families.

This is done to ensure capacity building, raising awareness, networking initiatives which in turn build functional regional cooperation between the stakeholders. This enhances gender equality as well as appreciating women’s rights in all levels of the project.

  • Environmental Conservation Program

The clearest aim of Conservation is to preserve and protect nature (flora and fauna) as well as promoting biodiversity for generations. Community Aid International works hand in hand with local communities to improve the environment through planting trees

  • Water and Sanitation Program

Rubanda, where the project is based has been characterized by decades of insufficient water and sanitation supply. Therefore initiatives such as construction of environmentally friendly toilet, provision of safe water within the reach of communities to reduce walking distances to nearest water points, setting up fecal sludge plants in schools with dislodging units and restoration of river catchment by tree planting are some of the strategies and your contribution will make these programs possible.


For about $40 each month, you can change an Orphan’s life. In an area with non-functional welfare system, children headed families, increased child labor to offer basic needs, you can keep a child in school through sponsorship.

Your donation will work a long way in offering educational assistance, medical check-ups, providing access to special services, health and hygiene training, providing nutritious food and many others.



The policy of the NGOs provides for the interest groups, that is the orphan, women, youths, refugees, disable, elderly and the children as one of the special cares. Therefore, NGOs introduced grants to cutter for their needs since they are the marginalized groups of people. To be a good citizens for nation building, CAI has the following objectives:

1. To sensitize the local community on the spread of coronavirus and provide them with the preventive measures (mask, sanitizer and thorough hand washing).

2. To help the local communities in establishing income generating activities for creation of employment and improvement of income levels.

3. To create conducive environment for communities to form groups and identify appropriate profitable income generating activities among them (enterprise development).

4. To sensitize the local communities on safe water and sanitation.

5. To enhance the capacity of communities and their categories to access services.

6. To facilitate girl child education by providing the girl child with the valuable (pad), providing changing room and sensitizing the local communities on the values of girl child education.

7. To build the capacity of the local subsistence farmers so that they change to modern agriculture given the fact that the soil is very fertile.

8. To facilitate training of groups in appropriate community empowerment, agronomic, technology and agribusiness geared towards increasing member’s production level, productivity and household income.

9. To promote knowledge, skills and attitude of members and the community towards positive development through regular seminars, workshops, exchange visits and technology demonstrations. 
















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