Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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HeidyHeidy used to get fees from laying bricks for a long time since his childhood which was tiresome and this is how he was able to go through school life. So, despite the many challenges such as stigma, he was always focused because he knew what he wanted to be in future. Because Heidy lays the bricks with his father by the roadside and compound. Heidy endured stigma, especially from his peers in the village, although he also got encouragement from the elders who used to say, “You will reap the fruits of this hard work”.

The extreme poverty of his family drives such into hazardous labor as little boy. This was because his father didn’t have enough land for agriculture for further income. When thing became tough, Heidy was later helped by Rev. Jackson Rutosha when he joined secondary school (Muko High School) who allowed his father to continue supplying bricks to the school irrespective urgency of the bricks. Heidy and his sister survived on such blessing. He and his father worked tirelessly to make sure he remains at school up to high school level.

In 2016 he met Mr. Katz Daniel from New York who was on his tour in Uganda who stated supporting him at University in collaboration with Heidy’s parents. Where Katz Daniel would pay half of his fees and some upkeep and he would get the balance still from brick making with his father. Having gone through this, Heidy dedicated himself to serve the vulnerable children, elderly and pygmies by bringing a saving message of hope and grace to all the children and caregivers in Rubanda where 15% of the children don’t go to school, 30% drop at primary seven and few are able to continue to University level.

The Ministry is therefore specifically to save the lives of children in Uganda and our intention is nurture a few from variety of locations so that they can go back and change the lives of many.
Heidy has been working and having passion of supporting vulnerable children, elderly and pygmies from his little income. When the number of needy increased, he decided to start and register Community Aid International to help them as he mobilizes funds from his friends and other well-wisher in support with the government of Uganda


There are many opportunities here in Uganda but mostly we need your prayer ,heart and people to come along side with us and decide how best they can use their time ,talent ,and treasure to support this incredible ministry.
Come to Uganda and it’s a wonderful country with people who are joyful and when you experience them, you will believe that it is a hospitable and you will find hospitality, you find God leading you to do some thing exciting .we will need your prayer.

Do you like working with children? Are you skilled or craft person? Are you a nurse or a doctor? An engineer? Gardener? Pastor? Mechanics? Driver? Business man? Computer networking, A teacher, we need you all .Opportunities are endless limited only by heart of people who cares .email us today find how you can be involved or partner with us.

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