Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Community Aid International (CAI) is a not for profit organization whose activities are entirely community-based from the grass root. Without putting race, age, culture, religion and social status into consideration, CAI is a service provider to mainly vulnerable families, including the Batwa forest-dwellers and people living with HIV/AIDS. The organization is entirely run by local people.

Without any form of segregation and discrimination, Mr. Twikyirize Heidy Zikereta started the organization in the year 2017 with a primary aim of helping vulnerable families, forest-dwellers especially Batwa in addition to people affected or infected with HIV/AIDS and Malaria. He got an idea after developing compassion for the Batwa people who had been rejected and marginalized by the non-Batwa tribes.

At the time of inception, no one ever believed that Community Aid International would become as big organization as it is today since it started as merely a meeting group purposely for sharing and consoling among the victims of different issues in the community. Imagine as of now, CAI reaches out to thousands of Batwa and vulnerable families across the country. CAI-Uganda was officially registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2018 via Kabale district Local government – registration number CBO/2018/00012213/K/U.

The organization saw its progress in the year 2021 when it was officially incorporated as a company limited under Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), REG. number 80020002884570.

Community Aid International - Uganda has had its mission of providing services like education, healthcare, environmental & wildlife conservation and business empowerment with in communities aiming at increasing standards of living and status of children, elderly, women plus marginalized Batwa in addition to improving lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Currently, over one hundred and ninety six people living with HIV/AIDS have been initiated on antiretroviral drugs courtesy of Community Aid International.

Apparently, community Aid International Uganda has helped people challenge stigma, discrimination and isolation through;

1. Advocating for their rights

2. Supporting them psychologically

3. Sharing success stories

4. Developing coping strategies

CAI’s history.

The organization has so far reached out to 4000 people within its areas of operation including Kanungu, Rubanda and Kabale districts. Our target is reaching out to over 6000 hundred people.

These are people who are living below the poverty line - their income and expenditure on a daily basis is below 1$ which has resulted into over sixty percent of these members resorting to commercial sex in pursuit of day-to-day needs of life including girls below the age of 18.

8 percent of these people are involved is small-scale businesses such as sale of firewood, vegetables and garbage collection as they are usually seen doing so in the Bakiga gardens. Such businesses cannot earn these people a better life in such a competitive world.


  • 1. Education and training.

CAI has always done its best to bring educational services into reach of these people. This is being accompanied by training programs through agronomy, community empowerment, technology and agri-business development, vocational skilling to mention but a few. All these have been aiming at increasing daily incomes of these people something that will bring about economic transformation of the entire community.


  • 2. Health Care.

CAI Uganda has been working around the clock in as far as health improvement is concerned. We have done our best to improve lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and other patients depending on their medical conditions.

We have always offered nursing care, specialized medical services to children and women (especially mothers-to-be). We partner with local health centers in effort to achieve our goals and those of the society.

  • 3. Empowering girls and women.

We devote our energy in girls and women empowerment. In pursuit of this we focus on creating awareness, building capacity and networking initiatives to change the norms of the society in as far as treating girls and women is concerned. It is true that Uganda’s traditional culture has always made women victims of the circumstance in that they are seen as inferiors and therefore end up being marginalized in one way or the other.

We have engaged stakeholders to say no to gender-based violence hence changing the status quo. Women empowerment has registered success in raising the economic potential of women with in our areas of operation.

  • 4. Wildlife and environmental conservation.

The primary purpose of the conservation program is seeing the demise of any vices that bring about the destruction of nature that is plants and animals. The program has ensured that human beings live in harmony with plants and animals.

The program works hand in hand with local authorities to end poaching, bush burning, deforestation, etc. in order to preserve nature for future generations.

  • 5. Clean water and sanitation program

It is crystal clear that Rubanda community has been battling the problem of inadequate supply of clean water for the past years. This program therefore has been working hard to bring clean water in the reach of the locals as well as improving their sanitation. The program has initiated solutions like construction of environmentally friendly toilets, cleaning water points, to mention but a few within schools and homes. This has resulted into reduction on the time and distances walked by especially women and children to fetch water.


1. Offering medical services.

2. Supporting orphans in terms of health, education and basic needs of life.

3. Home-based healthcare.

4. Protecting and conserving the environment.

5. Advocating for human rights.

6. nforming, educating and communicating on HIV/AIDS and Malaria

7. Guidance and Counseling.

8. Advocating, collaborating and networking with both local and international stakeholders.

9. Promoting and distributing condoms for free.

10. Providing sustainable projects to help vulnerable families especially among the Batwa people.

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