Community Aid International Uganda has five elements of developoment: Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Environment Protection and Sustainable Enterprises.

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Since the inception of the Community Aid International, the management believes that by partnering with individual and other key organizations, we can make a more significant impact in hopes for the vulnerable persons to experience the fullness of life. Through external engagement with other persons/organizations, CAI has identified five elements of developments that attract expertise from diverse fields of professions. Therefore such partnerships make us move all agenda forward as we work together towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Meet some of our partners below:

Partner RuthMrs. Ruth Garry
from Scotland is a graduate and works in Dubai and loves to serve community. She first visited Uganda in February 2021, her first-hand was to explore the beauty of the land and culture but also the social-economic struggles of the local people.  She is humbled to be working with CAI as a volunteer/partner where her commitment is focused on the Women Empowerment and the Education and Training programs.  Her goal is to promote and raise the profile of CAI to the best of her abilities and to inspire the people of Uganda towards a “bright future.”




partner ozelle stephenEng. Mirimu Stephen Musa  from Uganda is a graduate in Computer Science from Makerere University,  CCNA certification, proficiency in Graphics and Architetural Designs. Since 2002, he worked in small to medium size companies, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). He works fulltime in Adapcit Uganda as Design and Production Manager. He partners with CAI helping the organization have updated online service. His passion to serve the community whenever he is needed in the field of designs and ICT training.





Partner DanielMr. Katz Daniel from New York became partner in sponsor a child program since 2016. On his tour in Uganda he got touched on the way people in the rural community of Uganda suffer especially getting basic needs like education, health and shelter. He is an active volunteer away from Uganda by coordinating the people of US with Uganda for services. His passion is a free poverty community that can be achieved after attaining quality high level of education. His first first beneficiary was the founder of this organization who is now transforming the lives of community through his social works and administration expertise.



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